Nelia Zaiats

Doctoral candidate

Lunds Universitet
Box 118
22100 Lund




Doctoral project

Atomic-scale dynamics of nanostructures for photonics and electronics

The project is focused on the study and control of dynamics down to the atomic length (nano/picometer) and time (femto/attosecond)scales through excitation by advanced light sources such as ultrafast lasers and/or electrical operation of nanoscale devices. A broad range of nanostructures and devices will be explored, with a focus on 0D, 1D and 2D metal-semiconductor hybrid systems with potent¡al novel applications in renewable energy and computation. The study covers fabricating devices and samples based on lll-V semiconductors, single-crystalline metal nanostructures, functional Oxides,2D materials, and Silicon, synthesized by local and international partners. Samples will be studied using high-resolution electron imaging/spectroscopy combined with specialized laser sources that allow studies of femtosecond and attosecond phenomena. This will be correlated to a detailed understanding of chemistry and electronic structure to the few nm level, using for example Scanning Probe Microscopy and synchrotron-based methods.