The supreme decision-making body of the research school is the HELIOS board consisting of the spokespersons, their deputies (equally balanced from DESY, UHH and Lund University) and one representative of the Hamburg PIER graduate school in which HELIOS is embedded. In addition, two elected PhD representatives (one in Hamburg and one in Lund) will be part of the board.

Name Domain topic Institution 
Francesca Calegari
Atomic, molecular and laser physics DESY / UHH
Caterina Doglioni Particle physics LU
Irene Fernandez-Cuesta Nano-bio and nano physics UHH
Mathieu Gisselbrecht
Atomic, molecular and laser physics LU
Franz Kärtner Atomic, molecular and laser physics  DESY / UHH
Jochen Küpper Atomic, molecular and laser physics  DESY / UHH
Anders Mikkelsen Nano-bio and nano physics LU
Krisztian Peters Particle physics DESY