Invention to market

Invention to market is one of the school methodological focus areas. Within HELIOS the PhD students will be not only exposed to the academic environment but also to the industrial sector. In this respect, we envisage trainings and secondments of the PhD students in companies connected to diverse domain topics including:

During the invited training lectures and secondments in the private sector, the PhD students will be introduced to the different aspects, tasks and professional figures within complex industrial company. This will include the commercial exploitation of scientific products, project management, robust design and quality control. In this context, we note that the Science Campus Hamburg-Bahrenfeld hosts the newly founded Innovation Centre – a joint project of DESY, UHH, and the City of Hamburg – a business incubator that will host several spin-offs and start-up companies with which the HELIOS students will be brought in close contact. Similarly, in Lund the students will be connected to start-ups within Lund Innovation and the IDEON Science Park, both encouraging and hosting start-ups that stem from ideas born within the academic sector.