Franzi Esmek

Doctoral candidate

Universität Hamburg
Institute of Nanostructure and Solid State  Physics
HARBOR Bldg. 610
Luruper Chaussee 149
Hamburg 22761





Doctoral Project

Detection and Analysis of Single Molecules/Particles on Chip

In this Ph.D. thesis, a lab-on-a-chip for the analysis of DNA and other biological molecules will be developed. The aim of my thesis is to study single DNA molecules of single viral capsids and proteins with relevance for the biomedical sector since they are biomarkers of several types of cancers. The molecules will be extracted, manipulated, and/or studied on-chip, using different microfluidic, physical, and chemical strategies. The combination of on-chip extraction, unique and selective labeling, and super-resolution imaging will allow for a unique platform to study and analyze various biomarkers with a high impact in biomedical applications, like liquid biopsy, early detection of cancer, or pathogen identification.