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Open PhD Position - Attosecond Science, CFEL

Research Associate for the Project “UDIET: Ultrafast dynamics of intermolecular energy transfer: fundamental steps in aerosol and liquid chemistry”

The attosecond science team at the Center for Free Electron Laser (CFEL) science in Hamburg ( is now accepting application for a new PhD position. The CFEL-ATTO group develops advanced attosecond technology with the aim of tracking and controlling electron dynamics in matter. More specifically, their technology allows them to follow electronic mechanisms occurring on a sub-femtosecond to few femtosecond time scale in bio-chemically relevant molecules. One of the next challenges for attochemistry is to study the molecular dynamics in a more realistic environment, i.e. water. In this context, the group is currently running a joint project (UDIET: Ultrafast Dynamics in Intermolecular Energy Transfer) with the University of Hamburg and Lund University to investigate solvated targets. The PhD student will have to design a construct a high-repetition rate HHG-based VUV source to perform attosecond/few-femtosecond time resolved measurements in the building blocks of life embedded in water clusters. The PhD student will be joining an exciting international program within the Helmholtz International Graduate School (HELIOS).

More details about the position can be found here:

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